New Orphan Black Series May Be Coming Soon

To say Orphan Black was a huge hit, might be understating things just a little bit. The series premiered in 2013 and ran for five season, and was well received by critics. The show starred Tatiana Maslany as a woman whose world is turned upside down after she discovers that she is a clone, and that someone is planning on killing her and all her clones. Throughout the series Maslany played multiple versions of herself, and during her time on the show she was nominated for three Emmy Awards (winning one) and a Golden Globe. She also won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress for each season the show was on the air. Now it appears as if AMC is looking on bringing the series back, as a new show set in the same universe.

Variety reported yesterday that AMC is in the early staged of development of the new series, with Temple Street Productions returning to produce the series. Their sources stressed that the show would not be a spinoff or a reboot, but a new story set in the same world. A writer is currently being sought for the project, as well as multiple people who can help define what the show will be about. 

The original Orphan Black ran on the BBC in Europe and BBC America in the US, with Space airing the show in Canada. 

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