Don Lemon Trolls Trump With Negotiating Tips From ‘The Art Of The Deal’

Donald Trump claims to be a successful deal maker, yet as CNN’s Don Lemon pointed out, the president’s been unable to reach a deal to end the latest partial government shutdown

On Wednesday, Trump stormed out of a brief meeting with Democratic leaders with a huffy “bye-bye” after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she would not support funding his $5 billion border wall. 

“It is impossible to overstate how ridiculous this is,” Lemon said. “This is the behavior of a toddler who is not getting his way so he just says ‘bye-bye.’” 

To help Trump with his future negotiations, Lemon opened a copy of POTUS’ 1987 bestseller “The Art Of The Deal” (co-written by Tony Schwartz) and offered some tips “as a public service.” 

Check it out in the clip above. 

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