COMMUTE FROM HELL: Snowstorm Cripples NYC Area With 10-Hour Traffic Nightmare

An early snowstorm caught much of the New York metropolitan area off-guard, leading to major delays on the roads and extreme backups in public transportation Thursday evening.

While the storm hit a large swath of the Midwest and East Coast, few places appeared to have been as unprepared as the area in and around New York City. Some commuters reported being trapped on highways for 10 hours or more. Mass transit was crippled and ride-hail prices surged into the hundreds of dollars for short distances in New York and New Jersey. 

Traffic was at such a standstill in many places that drivers got out of their cars and walked around, as in this clip from the George Washington Bridge: 

“Listen, we’re getting clobbered,” New Jersey Gov. Philip D. Murphy (D) said, per “No forecast ― none ― predicted this. This is slower, it’s deeper, it’s colder.” 

Frustrated commuters vented on social media: 

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