A Comic For Couples Who Can’t Pick A Restaurant To Save Their Lives

Is there a more dreaded question in a relationship than “where do you want to eat?”

You go over the old standbys: Barbeque in Koreatown, the Tex-Mex place down the street ― or maybe you should try a new spot, just for novelty’s sake. You waffle over your choices (“Hey, what about chicken and waffles?”) and by the end of the conversation, one of you throws up your arms and utters the greatest words of defeat in human history: “I don’t care. You pick.”

It’s a dilemma illustrator Bianca Xunise knows all too well. In the comic below, she captures how date night debates usually play out in her relationship:

“It’s such a tried and true argument that all couples get into,” Xunise said of the comic. “I’ve heard stories from all my friends and family who’ve gotten into this exact same debate, but it is an urgent matter; eating is my favorite activity of the day!”

Xunise is based in Chicago, which is basically a food lover’s heaven. That makes the stakes so much higher when she and her boyfriend are choosing a restaurant.

“We almost always default to Mexican or Japanese,” she said. “But sometimes, ice cream can be the best dinner!”

Creatrs is a collective of Tumblr’s most talented artists. HuffPost has partnered with Tumblr — which is also owned by Verizon Media, HuffPost’s parent company — to create this original illustrated series.

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